About us


Our History

LARIAT COFFEE ROASTERS, INC, formerly called “Backcountry” Coffee Roasters, was founded in 2006 by Bob Gamblin and Lori Loomis. The company was built on the core principles of integrity and respect; and operates today with standards that result in trusted quality, exceptional coffee and dependable, courteous customer service.


The LARIAT staff work in the shadow of the North Cascade Mountain range in Winthrop, Washington. A small, Old West theme town surrounded by natural beauty and a community rich in character and history dating back to the 1800‘s. Where it’s easy to admire and respect the bold, individual spirit of the past pioneers; those who had the grit, dreams and determination to call the valley home and create the strong sense of community that remains today.  

There’s something genuine about Winthrop and the surrounding Methow Valley community that draws you in and beckon’s you to stick around. It’s a place to slow down, unwind and get to know folks. A simple authentic lifestyle rich in culture and character, surrounded by a rugged, beautiful landscape reminiscent of the American West, abundant with recreational opportunities. The kind of place that fosters bold moves, big dreams and a can do spirit.

For Bob and Lori all it took was one visit and they were hooked. They bought 5 acres of land in Winthrop that started out as a “place to retire” but quickly transformed into a “place to live” with the dream of a more “authentic lifestyle”. But to make the dream a reality, they needed viable employment which is hard to come by in the Methow. “You know how to become a millionaire in the valley...you start out with two!” said a local  business man. Next came the bold move along with the big dream spurred by an unbridled spirit.

With a love of coffee, their own retirement funds and the perfect skill set; they started what is today...LARIAT COFFEE ROASTERS, INC. With Bob’s precision tooling and production experience and Lori’s refined palate and creative energy they set out to roast fresh, quality coffee with unparalleled flavor. They moved forward with patience, determination and a meticulous set of roasting standards and never looked back. “I never doubted our ability to roast great tasting coffee!” said Lori. “Customer satisfaction is our number one goal; and our best marketing tool is the quality and rich flavor of our coffee...this was our intent from the start”.

Whether you are a new customer, diehard fan or an old friend we hope you hang out, get to know us and find a coffee you can’t live without. If you need a little help check out our tips page. You’ll find our personal favorites along with guidelines for storage, grinding and making the “perfect cup of coffee”.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
                                                                                                 Henry David Thoreau